Monday, February 9, 2009

Beth's 50th birthday pin

yes, it's true Beth is turning the 5 0 in Wednesday! we have for years imitated the Sally O'Mally character from Saturday night live...kick! stretch, and Kick! lol
so I wanted to make a pin for Beth to waer during her celebration. I immediatly t thought of the fab pin thew talented Teresa (Teschap) made for us girls to waer at the Mass stamp convention last year. who can improve on perfection? not me, so I used Teresa's pin as my model. I will post a pic of the pin Teresa made and the one I made for Beth.


Aunt T said...

Awesome. I love your pin and I bet your friend will too. Happy birthday to her :)



Anonymous said...

So cute! It turned out wonderful! Your friend is going to love it! Hope she has an awesome 50th Bday!