Monday, June 22, 2009

kitty sympathy card

a friend of mine had to have her 17 year old kitty put to sleep the other day. my heart just breaks for her as I know how much it hurts to say goodbye to our furbabies. I made this kitty sympathy card for her, it has a really ni9ce stamped saying on the inside about the loss of a beloved pet. Unfortunatly I'll need to make another one too as my boss is having her kitty of 25 years put to sleep tomorrow. it has suffered a stroke and not doing well, but 25 years? thats a nice long life for a kitty.


Nunt said...

Awww :/ Such sad events those, but something every pet owner has to deal with. 25 years is absolutely marvelous age for a cat! So many years of fond memories left behind.


runningonink said...

Such a sweet card for just a hard time in someone life! My kitty will be 16 years old in a few weeks and I do not even want to think about when that sad day will come!

Karen said...

Awww....loosing a kitty (or any animal you love) is a hard one. How sweet of you to recognize her loss. Our kitties (they are brother and sister) are sixteen or seventeen years old (they were hubby's when I met them, so I get their age mixed up) and I worry about when they will go. What great love they bring to our lives!

Jenny said...

Cindi, your card is beautiful. So sorry to hear about your friends cat, and your bosses. I can only hope to have my cats for 25 years!!! Amazing!