Sunday, November 8, 2009

stamping on candles

who knew it was so fun!! well obviously some of you did, but I never knew. I did a bunch of snowmen on votives then I juts had to do up a prim one.


runningonink said...

Holey BUCKETS GF! I am in love with these! I have never done this- details, I need some details! Is it really easy????

Cindi said...

super duper easy, and very adictive!
I stamped my image on tissue paper (like you use for gift bags) then I colored my image with copics & prisma markers. then cute out close to the image. place the image on the candle and then use a piece of wax paper to wrap around the candle, pull tight. now use your heat gun on it until the tissue paper seems to dissapear. I waited a few seconds for it too cool, then took off the waxed paper and there was the cute image on my candle

Karen said...

TOO CUTE Cindi!!! I have yet to try this, but obviously, I really need to. Thanks for the instructions too! :>